Endless Engines Submission

About this Project

Endless Engines Submission

I wanted to submit an animation built mostly with UE 5.1. It was my way of teaching others what can be done in Unreal to the Mograph community. The hero car started as a Lancia which I then rebuilt and remodeled for the purpose of using it in a Mad Max style world. what pieces i did not want to model were kit bashed from turbo squid. The environment was taken from a kit bash 3d set and megascans. All materials wer cell shaded by hand in substance then enhanced in unreal with cell shading materials

I rigged the car, the dynamics and pathing by hand. everything from the jump to the headlamp retractions.

In post I color corrected the sequence output from UE. I added in some extra details like the muzzle flash and the audio SFX.

3D Software Used

Cinema 4DCinema 4D
Substance PainterSubstance Painter
Unreal EngineUnreal Engine