2021 Show reel

About this Project

Process videos are Something I will try and do far more often. This past year was very much a look into the hyper vibrancy of real life. Between my personal and client work, I started a movement called photo-realism with a punch. The new content explores a play on the vibrancy of my color choices combined with crushed black and white values

Exploring color in a fun pop art aesthetic changes the relationship of the animations to make them less perfect and far more interesting in my opinion.

I like to play with simulations whether that would be water, smoke, sand, or fire. I find working with the more math-based "physics" of real-life, offers a sort of meditative state where it's just about playing. I think the best part of mograph is the time when you get to R&D. just explore different things. Even if they will never make it to a clients project.

3D Software Used

Cinema 4DCinema 4D
Redshift Render EngineRedshift Render Engine
After EffectsAfter Effects