The Deep

About this Project

The Deep NFT

This project came to be when I saw the Exquisite Workers website and Instagram from a CH room. I was so intrigued that i had to join this effort when i heard they were going to do a 3D version. Little did I know the color pallet would be so bright, normally I do pieces that are much darker in tone. They also asked for only a still frame. I knew I need to capture the thing in motion to really grab the vision in my mind.

I sat for a couple days trying to think about a style that I thought would work for the color choice. It hit me that a cell shaded animation inspired by "Yellow Submarine" would be perfect for this animation. Then i got to work what you see is the culmination of those explorations. It is a far cry from my normal work since it is stylized in nature.

The work is a full collaboration between Apetown Art and bug0ut. This is will available on for a limited time at 1 tz.

3D Software Used

Cinema 4DCinema 4D
Octane Render EngineOctane Render Engine