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About Apetown Art

Welcome to my portfolio website. The following sections contain select works over the course of my career. My specialties are in Front-End development and 3D animation. If you would like to contact me for a project please see the contact form at the bottom of the page.

My Specialties

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Blueprints
  • Xpresso
  • Action Script
  • After Effects
  • Z-brush
  • Unreal Engine
  • Cinema 4D
  • Maya
  • X-Particles
  • Redshift 3D, Octane, Cycles
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Recent Work Experience

I am an ardent and devoted 3D and motion graphics artist, deeply influenced by the captivating realm of cinema and the intricate art of storytelling. This influence resonates strongly within my creative endeavors, infusing them with a profound cinematic essence. My objective is to evoke a sense of enchantment and wonder, akin to a surreal and visually stunning cinematic experience..

My journey in the world of 3D and motion graphics has been marked by a deep involvement in Unreal Engine and Cinema 4D and more. Within these powerful platforms, I have honed my skills in crafting intricate 3D environments that transport audiences to immersive worlds. My exploration has extended to a love simulation, rigging, environment design, and pushing the boundaries of material design, ultimately adding layers of depth and realism to my creations. Additionally, my proficiency in building blueprints python and xpresso has allowed me to breathe life into complex interactions within virtual spaces.

In recent years, my artistic focus has been prominently directed towards the automotive sector. In this realm, I have painstakingly conceptualized and designed an assortment of 3D components. My dedication to excellence has garnered the attention of esteemed clients including industry giants such as Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, and General Motors. This collaboration has enabled me to fuse my artistic prowess with technical precision, resulting in designs that seamlessly merge aesthetics with functionality.

As I continue to embark on this creative journey, my aspiration remains unwavering—to craft visuals that not only captivate the eye but also resonate with the soul, forging a lasting connection between the viewer and the artistry I pour into every project.

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I am Fulltime 3D and motion graphics artist from the east coast. From a very young age I was obsessed with film. I apply this obsession to my work. I draw inspiration from Noir, Science Fiction, Horror & Fantasy. The work I produce is heavily influenced by film and story telling. It is my hope that my work conveys a cinematic and surreal world view. I mix Discordian themes with vibrant subjects juxtaposed to dark toned environments. I like to infuse sarcastic undertones and wacky situations in my pieces. Music is also super important to me so I've taken great care to work closely with my good friend bug0ut. In my opinion the combination of sound and visuals truly captures the nature of some of these pieces. I try not to take the work too seriously and use my art as a way to poke fun and often joke about the world around us.

I have worked in Film, Marketing and Development. By day I’m a mograph guru for a marketing firm. By night I obsess over NFT’s and animation.

With every motion piece I conceptualize, taking the viewer through a journey is the goal. Personal work or client work each video should feel fresh, yet at home when standing next to the brand.

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