Demon Hollow Knight


About this Project

Hollow Knight Demon WIP

This is a personal project of my take of the main character from the hit game Hollow Knight. It is still a work in progress, but here are the concepts of my model. I Ended up doing a second take on this project after hating the first run. the Original idea was to do a 1940s inspired japanese film LUT look mashed with traditional Mangas. During the second run attempt at this project i remade everything from scratch since i knew how the animation process was going to work.

My pipeline worked like this: Base mesh in Cinema 4D -> Sculpting and shaping in Zbrush -> i then did the UDIM UVing in RizomUV -> and texturing in Substance painter.

so much of this process was taken from traditional film techniques. I knew i was going to go with B/W photography. To take advantage of this i used color to inform the curves in black and white inputs. i used Reds, Yellows 50% greys and light browns to create large contrast regions.

Speaking of halftones: the noises and patterns are added in redshift using the new toon shader. By combinging the normals from a tradiitonal material setup with a toon shader, I am able to get super grungy look.

3D Software Used

Cinema 4DCinema 4D
Redshift Render EngineRedshift Render Engine
Substance PainterSubstance Painter